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Assuring quality, stability and relilability of newly built, serviced or upgraded PC's are primary concerns for any System Builder, PC Refurbisher and Service Technician. The WinStress Test product family offers a comprehensive multi-threaded stress test, reducing burn-in duration time and enhancing both efficency and confidence in every system shipped.

WinStress Test Complements Low-level testing

WinStress Test complements low-level testing by performing real-scenario user processes such as transferring large network data files, rendering intricate images, encoding complex multimedia, maximizing resources for VM environments and more.

Whereas low-level testing looks for faulty hardware, WinStress testing places the hardware under abnormal levels of stress loads confirming a stable and reliable Windows experience.

OS-Independent, self booting diagnostic test tools like QuickTech Self Boot are ideal for identifying problematic core hardware components like CPU, Memory and Disk Drives.

Windows OS diagnostic test tools like WinStress Test complement OS-Independent tools by performing tests that OS-Independent tools cannot, such as Video Graphics, WiFi, NVMe drives and more.

% improved efficency
Tests available
Custom Scripts
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Feature Highlights

Below are just a few highlighted features & benefits.

Comprehensive System Burn-In

Perform automatic & unattended comprehensive Burn-In / Aging of a system. Components are exercised prior to being placed in service accurately detecting components that fail as a result of infant mortality. Provides confidence in shipped units to maintain your high quality reputation.

Multi-Threaded Testing

WinStress Test takes full advantage of systems that contain multi-core cpu's as well as multiple processor platforms by enabling tests to run concurrently which allows WinStress Test to fully maximize system resources.

Ultra-X Behavioral Testing

WinStress Test goes beyond standard logical and parametric testing algorithms, performing proprietary behavorial tests designed from years of failure analysis data. Behavioral failures are sensitive to system specific idiosyncrasy and typically show symptoms during extended test sessions.

Interactive Tests

Interactive tests such as 10-point touch display, keyboard, webcam, mouse and more are available to run as part of the pre-Stress test process.

System Information

WinStress Test provides a professional report of the system including: Display, Devices, Drivers, Network configurations, APM, Media, Workstation, Operating System, CPU, Memory, Database Engines, and Printers. This information is ideal for keeping track of your systems and all installed devices. This detailed information can be used by tech support staff for problem resolutions.

Network Deployment & Monitoring Console

For concurrent WinStress Test use for production, refurbushment or repairs, Ultra-X QuickCAST Server makes for a perfect add-on. Automated network deployment from the Cloud or On-Premise with real-time test monitoring start with plans as low as 5 test stations up to 16,000 instances.

Flexible / Custom Test Scripts

WinStress Test was designed to be versatile, allowing custom scripts to be made to support several PC profiles. Popular WinStress Test profiles include: Gaming PC, All-in-One, Mobile PC, Server, and Home PC.

100% Portable - No Installation

WinStress Test is designed to be 100% portable which means no setup or installation required. The program can be copied to removable USB and Optical Media or called from a NAS or Network share.

Custom Command-Line Scripting

Easily implement WinStress Test into an existing batch process with command-line scripting.

Windows PE Support

Ideal for system builders, WinStress Test may be used in a Windows PE environment supporting pure 32 or 64 bit Operating system.

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Screen Shots

Core Hardware
Video & Multimedia
work 1

Processor Tests

Supports latest Server, Desktop &
Mobile Intel & AMD x86 32/64bit CPUs

work 2

RAM Memory Tests

Supports latest DDR4, ECC, LRDIMM, RDIMM & UDIMM Memory Technologies

work 3

CPU Cache Tests

Testing of L1, L2, & L3 cache per each physical processor

work 4

Storage Drives

Supports testing of Fixed HDD, SSD, NVMe, Removable Flash, External HDD and Optical Drives.

work 5

Advanced Storage Testing

SMART Testing, Physcial, Logical, Offset and Random RAW Read/Writes

work 6

OpenGL Video Stress Testing

Stress video cards with up to five OpenGL API Stress Tests

work 7

DirectX Video Stress Testing

Stress video cards with up to seven DirectX API Stress Tests

work 8

Video Playback / Codec Testing

Ideal for Home Theater and Digital Signage PC's

work 8

Bluetooth Interactive Tests

Perform several interactive tests to confirm proper operation of Bluetooth devices, including PAN testing.

work 8

Microphone Interactive Test

Advanced interactive test designed to reduce background noise and feedback.

work 8

Stress Test Monitoring

Enable several options to display Temperature and load usage on CPU, Memory, Network, Wifi and more.

work 8

Webcam Interactive Testing

Perform advanced webcam testing with support for multiple camera instances. Ideal for Tablet PC's.


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